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Friday, March 11, 2016

ABC's of me, part 2

Andrew,  first in our family

Blindness, something I never thought much of until Victor was diagnosed in 2013

Cynthia, my real name but please don't call me that

Dinner, don't ask me what we're having - But if you must know, ask the 7 other people who have already asked and shared their opinion

Eden, Number 6 in line

Foster care and adoption and the plight of the orphan, my calling

God, the only reason I get up and do this thing called life day after day

HopeAnne, 5th to join our home but finds her place as Number 7

Isaac, 4th born but 5th in line, insists he and Shoun are not twins

Jesse, the second born

King, became my last name in 1991 but my students always started the year insisting that I should instead be Mrs. Queen.

Library, can't miss our weekly trip to take back the old and pick up the new

Mariana, the first daughter and third oldest child

Nap, every Sunday whether I need it or not (let's be honest, I always need it)

Occupation, first housekeeping in a nursing home, then daycare teacher, former teacher and tutor, current co-director of Victorious Hope Adoption Consulting

Pets, we've had gerbils, rabbits, dogs, hermit crabs, a parakeet, and a snake, love them all, hate the grief when they go

Quiet, the book that taught me more about myself than any other (Introverts, you must read it!)

Relaxing, at the beach of course!

Shoun, came into our home 6th but is 4th in line

Therapists and social workers, always coming in and out of the home

Undergraduate, elementary and special education, graduate work in special education, the rest of the degrees went to The Good Doctor

Victorious Victor, our 1 lb. 13 oz. peanut comes in as Child Number 8 (so far)

Wishes three, what would I ask for? Time to sew each day, to be able to sing, and for my children to believe in the value of a clean house as much as I do

Xtra hours in each day, ahhh, that would be nice

Yummy foods, pizza, authentic ethnic dishes, chai, ice cream, Reese's peanut butter cups and anything I don't have to make or clean up

Zoo, what we call our family

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