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Saturday, March 26, 2016


...continued from yesterday

John Glenn (the nurse said to bring his favorite stuffed animal so we did, when asked what the astronaut's name was, our astronaut wanna be matter-of-factly told her it was John Glenn, duh...) was there by his side but healing was understandably slow and painful. It was difficult to watch. He just couldn't bounce back so blood transfusions were ordered. He still didn't have much of an appetite.
He enjoyed a visit from Jesse who came dressed as The Donut Man since he had just been to a performance with his grandparents.

I'm not sure Jesse was completely prepared for this visit as he kept staring at Andrew and finally asked, "Andrew, does your hair hurt?" We saw a bit of a smile and got a tiny laugh.

A week later it was time to go home. We were excited; surely this meant he was better, right? He was still very lethargic and wasn't eating much but going home was a good thing. Or so we thought. We didn't know that since it was once again surgery day that they would do anything they could to get a child discharged to make room for the next one. He wasn't ready, he probably needed another blood transfusion, but we didn't know that. We were just excited to be going home.

Home wasn't much better. It was all we could do to bribe him to move from the bed to the couch to maybe the porch swing, then back to the couch and finally to bed to start the whole thing over.

We tried bribing him with visits to or from the grandparents, food from McDonald's, anything. Nothing worked and we were getting very concerned.

A week later, the miraculous happened...

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  1. I'm vested in this story, and I needed that hint about something miraculous happening.

    Also, I'm shocked to think a child who just had brain surgery was discharged from the hospital early.