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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

How many are yours

Let me take you to a King's Strings concert for a moment.  After the last song is played, we find our way into the audience for a little mingling and Q and A.  Inevitably someone will ask the all-popular question, "How many are yours?"

And I cringe.  Not because we're the first to hear that question; I'm fairly certain every foster and adoptive family has heard that.  I cringe because I don't like to answer it.

People aren't trying to be rude or cruel. They aren't trying to single anyone out. They aren't trying to say that some are better or more loved than others. They are merely curious and that's okay. I've learned a long time ago that we all say things that show our ignorance in certain areas and just as I want grace for my mistakes, I prefer to respond with grace when others don't quite get it.

So the answer to the question?

"All of them!"


  1. Our pastor likes to say, "It's always better to error on the side of grace," frequently in his sermons. My SO and I both find ourselves saying this to ourselves and each other often.