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Monday, March 7, 2016

Just the filling

Unlike many people, I don't like Oreos. Probably because I don't like chocolate and those two chocolate cookie layers are just two chocolate-y and dry for me.

Now, the inside filling... I would buy a whole package of that.

Only they don't come that way. And growing up, eating just the inside would not have been an option. We wouldn't have even been allowed to split the cookie and eat it in parts. Probably because that's how they do it in the commercials and we don't want to be influenced by media marketing.

As an adult, however... Let's just say, where there's a will there's a way.

There are two desserts that are oft-requested at my house and both of them have Oreos in them:

Dirt Dessert

and Cookies and Cream Fluff.

Each of these items requires smashing the Oreos so I have found this to be the perfect way to solve my dilemma of wanting just the icing.

I take three cookies (no more, no less), separate them, use a knife to remove just the icing for me, put the chocolate cookie parts in the bag to be smashed and no one is the wiser.

Until one of my daughters caught me the first time. Since she was not old enough to read the recipe, I simply told her that was what the recipe said: Remove the icing from three Oreos and set aside.

That worked for a time. Now she's older. And wiser.

So we all just take three Oreos from the package, remove the filling, and return the chocolate cookies to the smashing bag.

No one ever needs to know.


  1. I think back on your earlier post about your son's writing assignment, and how he struggled to come up with a topic for a particular prompt.
    Here's the thing.....you were left to write whatever popped struck you and you found a topic...Oreo filling. I think there might be something to letting a writer write what they want to write about! :D

  2. Things always seem to taste better when you're not supposed to be eating them!