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Friday, November 4, 2011

Special delivery

I will be funny again. That's my goal because that's how I survive. Well, that's partly how I survive.

We did try a bit of funny as we were searching ebay, Craigslist, and local "large vehicle" dealerships for a replacement vehicle (the need for said vehicle has not been confirmed yet but in our vast yet limited knowledge of automotive repair, we are quite certain that the KingZoo Bus has seen its last trip to the body shop). We called a favorite hot spot in Lancaster County where the large vehicle dealer kept asking John if we had a color preference. John politely insisted back that we were only concerned with small things like cost and number of passengers but did not care about larger issues like vehicular color. He was then informed that the dealership has a number of black vans with black bumpers, formerly owned by our friends (and likely near or distant cousins) in the Mennonite community. We decided that if we were to purchase such a vehicle, it would make for a great Christmas picture. Instead of John in his kerchief and Ma in her cap, I could wear a cape dress and pull my hair back. The rest could wear plain clothing, with or without suspenders. A chicken or two in the arms might be a nice touch. Now to think of a caption...

But until such a time when the funnies (or attempt at funnies) flow freely, you'll have to deal with my musings.

This evening it was a little kiss from God. As I was driving and calling Heaven (don't worry, I wasn't texting, in fact I was using a hands-free device called prayer), God sent me a little gift by way of the van in front of me. I guess you could call it a delivery van, not because it brought me flowers or the Reader's Digest Sweepstakes prize, but because it delivered a message from God to me. And that message, printed on the license plate, read URLOVED.

Although I love vanity plates because it's a great place to display creativity, on any other day I might think this one was corny or just plain stupid. I'm not really a romantic. Okay, I'm not at all a romantic. What kind of person pays to put that on the back of a vehicle? But tonight, that was the exact text message that I needed (it's okay, God can text and drive at the same time). As it drove away, I got this feeling that maybe God was driving, or maybe He sent an angel on a delivery run with a special message, just for me.

He does love me that much; I know He does.

Isaac said at his baptism on Sunday that his favorite verse is James 1:17 (thanks for the reminder, Isaac): Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows.

On the other hand, if that van was driven by a human and you happen to know that person, please send my gratitude. Only someone who truly understands grace and love would be willing to drive that message around town.

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