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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Our mission

Many moons ago, back when there were only 3 (maybe 4?) little King kids, I decided that we needed a family mission statement. I don't remember what gave me this idea. It may have been a book I was reading, it may have been wisdom from one of the women at the great Bible study I attended, it may have been the prompting of the Holy Spirit, or more likely, all of the above. I'm sure the Good Doctor once again thought I was nuts or over the edge or both. But he's a good man and he (sometimes) humors me and my ideas.

So we sat down with the kids, none of whom was older than six, I'm sure. We placed a large sheet of newsprint (can you even get this stuff on those large rolls anymore?) on the floor in front of us and we took turns contributing ideas to describe who we are as a family. The brainstorming resulted in a list of phrases that described us as who we were and who we wanted to be. I don't remember many of the specifics of that occasion other than our amazement when Andrew wrote on the paper, "Mom and Dad go on dates." How wise and forward-thinking he was at such a young age.

I do have a copy of what we came up with and I recently uncovered it stashed away in a cupboard. I think it ended up there when I cleaned the mantel off for Christmas decorations one year and for some reason never made it's way back. But it's back where it belongs. It may be time to add to it, make it more "mature", or even change it completely, but it's a good reminder to be purposeful in living out our story.

The King Family Mission (ca. 2001)

Teach and learn about God
Help and encourage each other
Enjoy activities together

Kindness to everyone
Imitate Christ
Never fight, hurt, or lie
Go where God leads

Family worship and prayer
Always serve God and others
Mom and Dad go on dates
Immediately obey
Loving words and actions
Young and old are respected

Wow! I look at phrases like, "Go where God leads," and am amazed that it was just a few years later when God led us away from our family, our home, and our school. When we wrote that, we had no idea what that commitment would mean. But God blesses faithfulness and trust. I'm also struck by how much of it is still true today. I believe we added "Young and old are respected," as a reference to the fact that John used to take the kids with him when he visited the elderly or sick. Now we do this by playing at retirement centers often throughout the year.

So what is your family's mission? What role are you playing in His story? Write it down and watch where it takes you.

I dare you.

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