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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Jesse vs. the tree

I love my boys but they certainly get themselves into some very interesting situations. And they find very interesting ways of getting themselves out of these situations.

Andrew and Jesse decided to go for a run. No problem there. But they decided to go for a run in the dark. In an area with a lot of trees. I'm all for all-terrain training, but I think they might have taken it a bit far. And they weren't paying very close attention to where they were going.

Jesse ran into a tree.

The tree won, as trees usually do.

And as all children do, he picked himself up off the ground and yelled at Andrew, "What'd you do that for?" They think that's funny.

So he's currently icing his right knee, his left shoulder, and his left eye. He's very proud of his injuries, too. He keeps pooh-poohing my concerns that he might have a concussion. He (the medical expert?) tells me that the signs of a concussion are dizziness, excessive sleepiness, and inability to spell. Since he only has only 1 of the 3 symptoms, he's given himself a clean bill of health. And he says he only has a headache when he laughs, which is most of the time since they are very much enjoying their latest escapade.

Boys will be boys. I think we can be thankful that with 4 boys in the house, we've only had one broken bone, and several rounds of stitches or staples.

Seriously, do they even listen when I yell after them as they walk through the door, "Be careful!" Most of the time they just start mumbling something about Tim Hawkins and his mother.

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