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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Did you know?

As the King family goes out and about, there are some memorable questions that come our way. We spent our dinner hour discussing such questions and just in case you've been wondering these same things yourself, we give you the answers. Free of charge.

1. Seven kids, huh? Don't you know how that happens?
As a matter of fact, we are very well informed as to how that happens, both through biology and through adoption. We were there every step of the way and were not under the influence of any illegal substances which would hinder our awareness of the situation.

2. Isn't it time for another one?
That would depend upon whom you ask. Since it's been a point of contention for oh, about 20 years, it's probably better not to open up that can of worms by asking.

3. So, do your kids socialize?
Have you ever been around us for any period of time? We socialize profusely, often all at the same time, at higher and higher decibels as time goes on. We can even carry on intelligent conversations and are knowledgeable in more than one subject.

4. Do you teach them how to play their instruments?
Just watch us play. I'm the one faking it while the kids play circles around me. And John can't play much more than "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star" on a violin or viola.

5. Did you know that there's a Cynthia King in Mechanicsburg who had an accident this week? I heard about that and I texted all my friends at church to see if it was you but they didn't know anything about it. I saw the picture on the website, too.
You don't say? Funny, too, since I'm guessing the van in the picture looked just like mine, and even had a decal on the back with nine people. Amazing coincidence!

6. Do your kids ever fight?
They're kids. Next question.

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