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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

You as my witness

I keep a paper in my Bible that has my funeral planned out. I'm telling you this because even though I remind John of this fact often, I know that memory is not one of his strong points and I certainly don't want to go to all the work of planning and recording if my list is not going to be consulted. My family will only get one chance to use this list, after all.

Just in case they have trouble identifying which paper in my Bible is "the one", it is a bright shade of pink and cannot be missed. If, in the end (pun intended) there's more than one pink piece of paper, let me describe this particular one. When Mariana was about 5 years old she drew a picture of a woman having a baby, complete with doctor and nurse in assistance. This is what is on the paper. Like I said, you can't miss it. But it is fitting, isn't it?

Anyway, I have thought of most areas of the service, except for the date. I have songs, Scripture passages, and themes.

I also have "method of body disposal" which includes a request to throw my ashes into the ocean. Yes, I do like the beach but more than that is a desire to have the last laugh (when the ocean winds blow the ashes back into the faces of my beloved family).

The one thing missing was an inscription for the tombstone. Thanks to Eden, though, it's all taken care of. Last night at dinner, my pickiest of eaters got to the end of her meal (with little piles of things all over the plate) and asked, as always,"Can I be done?" For some reason this phrase hit me differently than it usually does and my response was, "That's what I want you to put on my tombstone." Andrew's next comment was, "You should write a blog about that." So there you have it.

Just don't let my family forget. It's very important.

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