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Friday, June 18, 2010

Camp MomMomPopPop

Whoever started this whole grandparents' camp is amazing. Our violin teacher calls it GrammyGrampy Camp. I love it. We have Camp MomMomPopPop. Depending on the summer and everyone's schedules, the kids each get a few days to a whole week to spend alone with my parents. The time is full of their favorite activities but honestly, they're just glad to have a little glimpse of what life is like as an only child. And they like it. Wish I could spend a week.

Why is it that things are always more fun at the grandparents' house? I can remember spending time with my dad's parents. It wasn't usually overnight but we had a blast. Of course a few extra cousins didn't hurt. What can a few cousins do with a deserted barn? Play house or school most times. We dressed up in clothes that had probably belonged to our dads. Maybe they were waiting to hand them down to our children? There was an old cast iron stove that was great for making pies out of the old pie plates we found as well. The summer we found a bag of cement you might think we had hit the jackpot. Cement pies were undoubtedly the best around.

Well, my parents don't have a barn. And my mom doesn't save everything she's ever used. So I'm not exactly sure what my children do when they're there. The boys go see Phillies games. Mariana goes to the theater. I know they're given only foods they like; missing a meal because you refused to eat it doesn't happen at Camp MomMomPopPop. There's the go-cart. And cable. Numerous opportunities in Philadelphia keep them busy, too.

But we all know it's more than that. It's making memories. And knowing you're loved and special. It's visiting relatives. And finding out who your grandparents are; what makes them tick, and why your mom acts the way she does.

Did I mention that each child gets a grandparents' vacation sometime in their elementary years, too? Andrew and Jesse went to California because they wanted to visit LegoLand. (Side note: My parents never took me to California) Mariana went to Chicago to the American Girl Place. Isaac wanted to go to the jungle but apparently the possibilities are not endless. So they went on a Disney Cruise. Big sacrifice, right?

So thanks Mom and Dad for the heritage you've given to my children and the memories you are continuing to make. We all thank you.

So when did you say it's my turn?

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