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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Public Service Announcement

Another morning acting in KidStuf with the very flamboyant, naive, and fashion-challenged Sam Treehugga Green. This one was a bit rough. My husband has kindly asked me to not print my scripts off at home due to the large number of pages necessary and the old printer which we own. To accommodate this request he has also offered to print them off for me. So, on Monday I forwarded my script to him with specific instructions (think Bill Cosby-kids-taking-a-shower type instructions) to print them, bring them home AND give them to me - all before leaving for DC on Tuesday morning. I got them Saturday morning. It was a good try. So it was not until yesterday morning that I sat down to take a good look at the script, only to find out that I was in the hot seat this week with about half the lines. Uh oh.

I know what you're thinking, why didn't I just memorize it from the email? Well, apparently I have some type of rare learning disability where I cannot memorize a script unless it is on paper, I can look down at it (as opposed to looking up at a screen) and can physically circle each and every line. Little drawings in the margins are helpful, too. You should have seen my drawing of a parade on this morning's script. And the watermelon carving contest. Oh, and the watermelon face painting picture was pretty good, too. But I digress.

All this to say that it was Norman who saved me by remembering that line about the first and second graders making the mascot's uniform, and coming up with a great cover. In thanks and appreciation for this great save, and for his fabulous "recitation of lines" as a mascot for the Watermelon Festival, I have agreed to do some free advertising for him. Here goes:


Introverts, this is the website for you! I can personally testify that this was made for people like you and me. Don't like to walk up to people with sign-up sheet in hand? No problem. Send an email. Can't stand to use the telephone? No problem. Send an email. It doesn't get any easier than this. Check it out. And as a special bonus - no papers to print off (which makes Sam Treehugga Green very happy)!

And if you order now, you'll also receive a free autographed picture of Norman in his watermelon mascot costume, while supplies last.

Okay, I made that last part up. But the rest is true. PLEASE check it out or I might just be on my own next time I'm on stage. Great for all those summer gatherings. The pool party your kids want you to organize for the whole youth group: Timetosignup.com Aunt Polly's 80th birthday party that you somehow got put in charge of: Timetosignup.com The 4th of July picnic after the parade: Timetosignup.com The neighborhood block party: Timetosignup.com The Watermelon Festival: Timetosignup.com The possibilities are endless. And the best news: You don't have to talk to anyone to do it!

Anything else I should say, Andrew? (And by the way, thanks for letting me tape my lines to the outside of your watermelon costume. I just didn't expect you to turn around so much on stage. Oops!)

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