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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A very cryptic story

Once upon a time there was a family of musicians. A call came to be a part of something big. Some of the family members wanted to do this; some of them didn't. So, each member of the family spent a week praying, studying Scripture and talking to mentors. After a week, the family came together to discuss the offer. Believing that God wants us to let our light shine wherever we go, including this opportunity, the unanimous vote was to follow God's plan. So we did. Which brings us to today. Here we sit with our hands tied and our mouths gagged (figuratively, of course). The End

But it's really not the end because you see, this family learned so many important lessons over the past 6 months. We learned how to better work together. We learned to take our act to the next level. We broadened our repertoire and we're working on more. We learned to make a godly decision. Together and individually we've grown spiritually and found even more joy in worshipping, praying and studying God's Word together. We have a new motivation for our concerts. Realizing that so many people live and work under ridicule and insults, we desire to challenge others to use their talents to serve God and to find joy in serving and encouraging others. We thank God for all the opportunities He is giving us to let His light shine through us. Even in the most secular of settings we have seen and heard evidence that those in the audience saw Christ through us. We've learned to follow God's plan even when the journey doesn't make sense or the end is confusing. We've seen His hand in the most difficult of circumstances and know that He will provide the peace and the skills necessary to complete any task He gives to us. We know that we only see a small part of God's plan and we're excited to someday see the whole picture.

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