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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Silly Bandz

I am not one to get into the newest fad (or "fade" in our house, thanks to one of those inside jokes) and therefore was really hoping to avoid the Silly Bandz craze. First of all, we don't budget money for non-essentials like character-shaped rubber bands. Second of all, I don't need more junk on the floor that Nobody put there but Nobody is going to help clean up. And most importantly, there's a definite life lesson in not following the crowd and yet another in choosing wisely where you plan to spend your money.

Unfortunately, not all of my children's friends agree. It started when Jesse's many friends just started giving them to him. Then the little girls thought they looked cool. Sorry, I'm still not buying them. I do, however, have a bunch of generic bands. They're all shaped like circles but you're more than welcome to wear them if you'd like. They didn't buy it. Then Mariana and Isaac were given a few. Then even Andrew got one. Finally, one of Eden's friends felt sorry for her and for Hope and gave them each a Silly Band.

That's when it started - the gimmies. Eden went to church the next time around, saw her friend, and immediately asked for another Silly Band. I happened to not be with her at the time but her second mother (Mariana) tried to tell her this was not proper etiquette. Well, Second Mother only succeeded in causing a big scene and Eden got the requested Silly Band. So did Hope. For good measure, I suppose.

And then Hope had a birthday. And the cards with money started coming. She decided she wanted to buy some Silly Bandz. And Eden remembered that she had some money saved up in her bank. So, off to the store we went. One package covers an entire forearm. Poor Hope has such skinny little arms that they all hang loose. She doesn't mind. So now we are spreading the joy to other children less fortunate than us :). Ah, revenge.

On one positive note, they do come with a built-in discipline system. You want to have a meltdown? Fine, hand over 1 Silly Band. You want to continue your meltdown? No problem, hand over another Silly Band. You want to scream in the house? You know the drill. Hand it over. Can you please help to clean up your room without arguing, complaining, whining or yelling? Wonderful! You've just earned back 2 Silly Bandz. I did have to give up the practice of transferring the Bandz from child's arm to mine; I can't stand the feeling of all that plastic on my wrist.

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