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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Brain damage, part 2

Well, since I took advantage of my kids' lapses of judgement as subject material for a post, I figure I should also share my own moments of brain damage. Go ahead. Have a good laugh at my expense. But watch out, you just might be the subject of my next blog!

I am allergic to strawberries and bananas. No problem, right? Just stay away from the forbidden fruits. Easy with bananas. Not so easy with strawberries; they used to be my favorite fruit. That was back before biting into one would tighten my throat, give me a headache, cause my eyes to water and make my lips plump up more than a raised-for-Thanksgiving turkey!

The good news is that strawberries are really only in season for a short time every year. The bad news is that there are so many wonderful ways to enjoy them! Freshly picked is great. So is ice cream with strawberries. I can always go for strawberry pie or strawberry shortcake as well. And we can't forget chocolate covered strawberries (and I don't even like chocolate) with either white or milk chocolate. I mean really, whoever heard of a great-tasting chocolate covered raspberry, even if it was recently picked from the garden?

So when the family goes strawberry picking and the boxes of red, ripe berries are sitting around, what's a girl to do? After making jam all day, there was half a box left. Those little fruits were crying out, "Eat me! Eat me!" So I snuck a few. Not so bad. So, why not go all out and make a nice dessert? Next thing I knew, there it was; hot out of the oven, smothered in milk, and covered with strawberries. Boy was it good. Don't tell anyone, but I even had a second helping.

I should also mention that there is only one day every month that I actually work for someone other than a family member. There is only 1 teeny-tiny small day out of 30 or 31 that I have to look nice enough to leave the house and be in front of other people. That would be today. So not only did I eat the forbidden fruit, I can't even take any Benadryl to make myself feel and look better because I actually have to think and function outside of my favorite four walls!

It's okay, we can all say it together: "Brain Damage." Thank you. I feel much better now.

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