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Monday, June 28, 2010

All in a day

In the interest of full disclosure, I must admit that this is actually two days, not one, but it's all related.

The King's Strings played in a wedding on Sat. While some of us have played for weddings individually or in twos, this was the first time the full group played (well, actually it wasn't quite the full group since Mariana had a performance at Allenberry and wasn't going to be able to participate). We get so many comments about how nice it is that we can all play together and that we look like we're having so much fun, I thought it would be good to give you a little insight into what life is really like in the King household. Believe you me, we are just as normal as the next family. Keep in mind that we do really enjoy playing together and that it is fun most of the time.

The wedding, of course, actually starts with the rehearsal the evening before, so my blow-by-blow will start the morning before as well. So, Friday was one of those full days. John left the house at 7:20 to take Andrew to meet a friend only to find out that the car wouldn't start. After blaming me under the assumption that I had left the lights on (since I was the one who drove it home at midnight), he called the service station to come pick it up.

Problem #1: Our household rarely works well with only one vehicle.

He took the van and they went on their way. The service station came for the car and soon called with the bad news that the problem was with the starter.

Since we were all to go to Allenberry to see Guys and Dolls after lunch, John returned the van and took the scooter.

The major problem came after Guys and Dolls. The original plan was that John was going to leave from the show (with the girls) to pick up Jesse and Isaac from Camp Hebron as I needed to stay at the 'berry for the camp awards ceremony. But as you'll recall, he had the scooter. Opting for Plan B, I kept the girls with me and he drove the scooter back to church where he borrowed someone else's car to go pick up the boys and luggage.

I got home from the awards ceremony to find that the boys had successfully arrived home from camp, John had gone to retrieve the scooter, and Grandma and Grandpa had arrived from Ohio. We all changed into more appropriate wedding rehearsal clothes, loaded instruments into the van, said "hi" and "bye" to Grandma and Grandpa and headed off to the rehearsal. The two camp boys were clearly running on little sleep after a week's worth of activity and fresh air. We just headed them in the right direction.

As we still hadn't decided exactly what we were going to play, nor had we practiced all options, we had to wing it. No problem when 6/7 of our group works best by winging it. Major stress for the 1/7 that does not wing it. Ever.

Rehearsal dinner and family announcement for a Saturday 9:00 AM til we're done King's Strings practice/figure out what we're playing for the wedding session. Scratch that. Andrew announces that he needs to be somewhere at 9:00. Make that an 8:00 AM King's Strings practice til 8:45, then a break, then back at it when Andrew comes home at 10:15. Scratch that when Andrew calls at 10:00 to say he won't be done til 11:00. Scratch all practice and plan to pick him up to go directly to the church. Final plan: 11:30 AM King's Strings practice/figure out what we're playing for the wedding session.

About half an hour before leaving HopeAnne showed me her dress. She got something red all down the front. She changed back into her pajamas while I cleaned off the dress. In the end, the dress never did dry so we went to Dress Plan B.

In the rush to leave the house we decided fast food was the best option. We had the foresight to ask Isaac to bring a different shirt to protect the white wedding wear. Why didn't we think to ask the little girls to do the same? I don't know. A momentary lapse of judgement. Eden immediately announces that she has spilled chocolate milk on her white shirt. John asks how bad. I take a look and tell John that we're just going to live in denial for the duration of the ride to church and pretend that all is well.

We get to the church and pile out. I notice that HopeAnne has also spilled chocolate milk on her white dress. Since she is not going to be on stage playing with us and because I have already scrubbed one dress for her this morning, I make the executive decision to leave her as is. Eden, on the other hand, has not one but 3 big splotches of chocolate all the way down her white blouse leaving us no option but to start scrubbing. I take care of that, find her a very large jacket to wear in the meantime and lay her shirt out in the sun to dry.

We finally get to practice. And make our music selections. Just in time for the wedding coordinator to ask what we're playing and in what order. Leaving us just enough time to pray before starting the prelude.

Let me interject to say that this was actually a good day for the King's Strings. Everyone was able to locate their infrequently worn black socks and shoes and all shoes still fit! During our rehearsal, no one blew up at another member and no one ended up in tears. No one threw up, no one came up missing, and only one person forgot his music.

The wedding itself was beautiful with a wonderful testimony to God's unconditional love. One bridesmaid was so moved during the ceremony that at the reception she pulled the bride aside to say that she saw something in the service and in the people there. She wants whatever that is and plans to start attending church to find out. Wow! Amazing!

Oh, and for those who are wondering, the music was beautiful as well with only one snag. John started to play a song in a different key than had been originally planned. No problem for Jesse who was accompanying on drums. And for Andrew, John just leaned over, whispered that he was in a different key and Andrew was able to jump right in. Those who play by ear can do that. I cannot but since I wasn't playing that song, all was well.

And for those who are wondering which one is the 1/7 who does not wing it. I'll admit it. It's me. But I survived and am here to tell about it.

Now on to Wednesday evening's concert. Problem #1: Mariana is gone for the week . . .

Oh, never mind. It'll all work out, right?

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