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Friday, April 7, 2017

Victor-isms should probably have their own blog

Mommy, don't sing. Your singing sounds yucky, like garbage. It sounds like fecal matter.

Yes, my 3 year old just said that. Thank you, Shoun.
(Just for clarification, Shoun did not call my singing fecal matter but he did teach that phrase to Victor. He thought it would be funny. Sometimes it is. But don't tell Shoun.)
At Victor's IEP meeting, the subject of his singing preferences came up. As each member of his team shared, it was quickly evident that all of us have, according to Victor, singing abilities that range somewhere between yucky and garbage (except me with my fecal matter voice). All except one. Apparently his TVI is the only one allowed to sing and she sings I'm Flying from Peter Pan and Baby Face.
Victor woke up and came out to interrupt my quiet time (his daily morning routine, actually). He snuggled in and announced, "Okay, let's talk about God and Jesus."
Victor: What, Mom?
Me (changing my answer after already repeating myself several times): I said, "You're going to send me to the Funny Farm!"
Victor: What, Mom? I have to wear a pizza uniform?
Me: Never mind!
Victor spent last Friday with a good friend of mine who graciously fielded his questions and conversations for the day. She sent a few of them to me. Here is one of my favorites: involving his post-pooping posture:
I helped Victor off the potty and got some toilet paper. When I turned around, he was bending over with his butt in the air. Not realizing this is his way of waiting to be wiped and thinking I heard him say he had a pain in his butt, I asked, "What's wrong with your butt?"
Victor: It needs wiped.
Me: Okay, I will wipe it. Do you have a pain on your butt?
Victor: No. I'm a pain in Shoun's butt.

(And we think kids don't internalize everything we say?)
And another conversation with our friend shows Victor's positive self-esteem:
Victor: Miss Jackie, I want to say something.
Miss. Jackie: Okay, what do you want to say?
Victor: I have beautiful hair!
Miss. Jackie: Yes, your hair is very nice.
Victor: It's black hair.
Miss. Jackie: Yes, it is black.
Victor: And it's shiny.
Miss. Jackie: Yes, it is.
Victor: And it's smooth. God made me so beautiful!
I was supposed to ask these questions of Victor for a school paper. There is definitely a theme here (and some of these questions he answered similarly not too long ago)...
Favorite Food: McDonald's Fries
Favorite Color: Red
Favorite Book: Down on the Farm (by Merrily Kutner)
Favorite thing to do at preschool: Have recess and play great games outside
Favorite place to go: Chick-Fil-A, McDonald's and Arby's, Swimming at the "Y"
What do you want to be when you grow up? Isaac
Talking about his favorite teacher at pretty school and his current favorite topic (shapes):
I love Ms. Alex. She has a rhombus. She has little ones and big ones. They're so cute. Yesterday we didn't learn about a rhombus. That was so sad. But we got to make pizza. We got the dough and we made a circle. It was really squishy. I didn't like the squishy dough.

When the hot tub has been filled but isn't too hot and doesn't have chemicals yet, Daddy gives you your own private swimming pool.

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  1. This is so awesome I love him in the hot tub does he get in a lot