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Thursday, April 13, 2017

Pinching and drumming

When Victor is excited, he pinches the closest person's arm. He also drums.

As you can imagine, there's been a lot of pinching and drumming around here today. A birthday, donut for breakfast, whoopee pies for pretty school, a bunny at pretty school, an egg hunt at pretty school, Mariana's home, and he keeps getting birthday phone calls.

He is higher than a kite!

He did sit still and wait patiently (for a moment) while we made sure all of the siblings had arrived for the 6:30AM birthday donuts. (We were missing one. We forgot to wake up HopeAnne. Don't worry. We corrected the problem before the downbeat of Happy Birthday. But she did go right back to bed after the last bite of donut.)

Morning voices singing Happy Birthday are too dissonant for Victor's sensitive ears. 

His birthday meal-of-choice was bacon. We added waffles and eggs. Just because. A meal of just bacon seemed a bit too salty. And since we have amazing fresh eggs from the farm, why not?

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