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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Bunny love

"I'm so glad I have a bunny."

I wish you could see how gentle his is with what he called his new "best friend." I wish you could see how long he will sit with her, petting her, and asking questions about her and what she's doing. And she's so gentle and patient with him. He checks everything out; her ears, her nose, her tail. She sniffs him all over.  After finding out that the noise she was making was because she was itching her nose with her foot, he tried it himself. He isn't as flexible as she is.

"Wissewa, I love you. I'm so glad I have you."

Yesterday morning Victor told me he wanted to make some observations about his bunny. (Thank you, Pretty School.) I gave him a pen and some paper, and he "wrote" and dictated these words and then he used the Smart Brailler to record them as well:

"Wissewa is a bunny that she came to my house. When she chews it sounds like tickling. She likes to eat carrot and banana. She chews ad she goes in the cage and poops."

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