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Saturday, April 8, 2017

A special 4 year old

A special little someone went to bed last night extremely tired and deliriously happy.

His birthday isn't until next week but we celebrated last night. There are a few special families who have been purposeful in helping their children understand and include Victor. Two of these families have boys close in age to Victor so we invited their families to celebrate with us.
Victor checks out his train cake with sprinkles. He approved. 
He also enjoyed every last bit of the icing.

It was pretty low-key, for Victor's sake, and because last year's Johnny Cash party more than made up for the lack of a 4 year old party. A few months ago he started telling people that the Beatles were coming to his party this year. Telling him that 2 of them were dead didn't change his mind. So we comprised and agreed to sing a few Beatles songs. In the meantime, he decided that he'd like a train cake with sprinkles. So, we sang Yellow Submarine, Hey Jude, read a train book, and ate a train cake (with sprinkles).  His friends created tactile cards, written with smelly markers, and bought him a singing card. He was so excited he pinched me (proof that he was excited). And then they played. With all those boys there was bound to be an injury but Victor wasn't involved so I was happy. (Sorry, Nathan.)

Thank you, friends, for helping Victor to feel special and for being aware that he might struggle with the excitement, noise, and chaos. We did prepare ahead of time for the Beatles sing-along. Victor told me over-and-over that I was not allowed to sing. I warned him that not everyone at the party was going to have a golden singing voice. We talked about what to do if he didn't like the voices singing and decided that he could go to his room. On his own, he chose to go to his room even before the first word was sung but pretty quickly he joined us and beat-boxed the rest of Yellow Submarine and Hey Jude. I was very proud of him for his self-regulation. We've come a long way!

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