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Saturday, April 15, 2017

Easter birthday bunny

It wasn't supposed to be an Easter bunny. It wasn't necessarily going to be a birthday bunny, either. But that's how it worked out.  We've been considering a "therapy" bunny for a while and it just so happened that everything worked out so we could tell him the good news on his birthday. He's been so excited while trying to wait patiently for today to arrive.

Meet Wissewa Dakota King, formally known as Dakota. Wissewa also happens to be Victor's imaginary friend. When we told him that his bunny needed a name and asked him what it should be, he didn't even hesitate to say, "Wissewa." I asked him if that might get confusing to have a friend and a bunny with the same name, but he just looked confused.

She was found hopping around Harrisburg and brought to the bunny rescue because one of the neighbors was afraid she'd eat his soon-to-be planted garden.

So we found the bunny and we somehow passed the bunny adoption home study. The next step was to find a 48 inch dog crate; a bunny adoption requirement. I started by posting on FB: Anyone have a large dog crate they are looking to sell?

A few days later the answer came back: Yes. Not only did we find a crate but it was free! In the wonderful way in which God orchestrates these things, He connected me with a fellow foster/adoptive mom about two years ago. She saw my post this week and contacted her in-laws who volunteer at a food pantry. Last Christmas the food pantry received a large donation of dog crates. This Easter, they gifted one of those crates to Victor for his bunny. The in-laws traveled to pick up the crate and drop it off to the FB friend and she and I connected halfway between our houses yesterday and transferred the crate from her vehicle to mine; a crate which traveled about 40 miles just to bless a little boy.  It might be just slightly over the size we need but hey, sometimes God just likes to over-bless His children. (And maybe next time we'll get a therapy pony.)

Victor was on his pretend phone this morning, telling his friend, Ms. Jackie,
all about his bunny that would be coming soon.

She loves to cuddle and be petted but is just slightly stressed at the moment. Victor has already told her all about Easter and has invited her to the beach with him on Monday. I'm not going to tell him that she's staying home. Are you?

Victor and Wissewa meet for the first time.

We have never seen him so focused on a task for such a long stretch of time. He was very kind and gentle to her.

Victor has another imaginary friend named "No." Just before bed he asked if he can have a bunny named No, too.

No, Victor, there will be no No. One bunny is enough.


  1. cause two bunnies don't necessarily stay 2 bunnies...🙂

    1. Exactly! Except in this case, they take care of that before you get the bunny.