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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Thanks, Mom

Last week was a rough one for the four youngest kiddos and their mother. There was a lot of fighting and bickering which just became very wearying for me. Which then made me question my competency as a mother. Which led to questioning who am I to lead a group of moms if I can't even control my own household? Not a good road to go down.

So last night we had a modified family meeting; Mom, Dad, and the four youngest. We talked about the last week. We discussed better choices to some of the situations that had come up. And we gave everyone an assignment.

Each child was given 5 index cards with the instructions to write one other person's name at the top of the card and then at least four nice things about that person. One card for each of the siblings involved, and one each for Mom and Dad.

I guess it was all worth it when I read this card from my 7 year old:

1. I love you becus you rub my bak every nite
2. and your prayers meen a lot to me
3. I love you becus you tot me to read
4. I thangk you for all the things you do
5. I love you so much

Here's to a great week ahead of us...

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