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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Evolution of date night

There was a time when date night meant that the Good Doctor (who was still years from being labeled the Good Doctor) would pick me up from the lobby of my dorm (it was the Dark Ages, guys were only allowed in our dorm for a few hours each evening), we would go somewhere really inexpensive, and then I would be dropped back off at my dorm room (because it would now be open hours) where we parted ways. Sometimes date night consisted solely of dinner in the campus dining hall, or studying together in the lobby.

The Good Doctor, who is the romantic among us, and is better at remembering small details like the exact anniversary of our first date (I know who asked who to what, but couldn't tell you the month, day, and year) and our first kiss (I do know that it was at midnight, at the exact center of Krehbiel Bridge, during a full moon - just to make sure we reaped the full benefits of the college legend which said it must be accomplished in that manner in order to ensure a future marriage, but as to the numerical details, I have no idea). He also remembers what he deems the most romantic date ever. He claims that he brought McDonald's Big Macs back to his dorm room (yes, I'll confess, I used to love Bid Macs), and stuck a candle (illegal in the dorm) into a toilet paper roll (a candle holder was not on his college packing list) for mood lighting, and called it a romantic evening for two. I must have blocked this memory from my mind.

Ah, to be young and (half of us) romantic again. Date nights are so different now.

The actual date portion is much different, usually consisting of dinner and a trip to Wal-mart or the grocery store. We try to get out together at least once a month although it doesn't always happen. At times our alone-time is interrupted by a phone call which we can always predict to be Mariana fuming about Eden. "Mom, she won't let Hope in her fort clubhouse and I told her she needed to let her in but she won't listen to me so I told her to go to her room but she won't go to her room." It's always fun. And sometimes the phone stays silent yet we come home to find a list of grievances on the table. Nothing like a great ending to a great evening.

Last night was one of those times. We enjoyed a wonderful evening at Allenberry Playhouse, celebrating the opening of the 2012 season with a free dinner and show. Sure beats Big Macs and a candle in a roll of toilet paper. Cheaper, too, when you're guests there by invitation to celebrate the opening of the 64th season). Kudos to our friends on a wonderful opening day of Forever Plaid.

We enjoyed the show, food, adult conversation, meeting new friends at the table, and conversing with old friends as we left for the evening. Only to come home to find a pile of brightly written notes (red marker) on the center of the dining room table. Immediately, I knew I was not going to like what I'd find on those papers. I was right. What I found was a complete timeline of the evening. (When not noted, the author is Eden)

5:32 Eden ate chips and graps when I told her not to (by Shoun)

5:40 Hope shskeesd my arm as tite as she kude

5:42 Hope bangd a char and stompt

5:48 Hope sed she was stuped

6:24 Shoun did not speeck well

6:47 Isaac was playing his ukaluly wen he had to clene

6:49 Eden was turning off a CD and I was listening to (by Shoun)

6:50 Isaac made fun uv me and [a boy I like]
6:50 Shoun made fun uv me and [a boy I like]

6:52 Shoun yelled no in my ere

6:58 Eden annoying Shoun and Isaac (by Isaac)

6:59 Eden hitting Shoun (by Isaac)
6:59 Isaac was sososososo meen
6:59 Eden did it, to!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (by Isaac)
(Addendum) We both did it to be mean! (by Isaac)

7:00 Eden clawed me (by Isaac)

7:00 Isaac rote that to be meen
(Addendum) We both did it to be meen

Now, fully out of date mode and into mother mode, I made a few observations. First, it was just another night at the King house. Second, the babysitter (Jesse) was conspicuously absent in these exchanges. Third, the exchanges all stopped at 7:00 PM. I had told Jesse he could put the girls to bed when he couldn't stand them anymore. Hmmm, I wonder when that happened? Finally...

won't tomorrow be fun?


  1. Read this and had two thoughts.
    #1 When I was half way thru I wondered, "Hmmm.....should I see if she wants to escape with me to Switzerland this July?"

    #2 Strong feeling that this needed a wider audience, but it looks like you've gained a following all on your own!