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Friday, May 11, 2012

No complaints

The atmosphere in our home has definitely been much more peaceful since we had a little sit-down heart-to-heart. But not wanting to leave things as they are, I'm trying a new tactic.

Inspired by Cheri Gregory at The Purse-onality Challenge, we're all sporting complaint bracelets. Well, not quite all of us. It was a little difficult convincing the teen males that they had to wear a purple bracelet, and the poor Good Doctor couldn't make it fit. He made a valiant effort with a rubber band but that only lasted 24 hours. I thought the females of the family would be a little more motivated if they had bracelets more suited to their individual personalities, so I just took a look on etsy.com.

So here's the challenge, with a few modifications for our family, whenever you want to say something that is complaining, sarcastic, spoken in a critical tone, or full of gossip, you need to stop yourself. If a banned comment slips from your lips, you are to move your bracelet from its current wrist and place it on the opposite wrist. If a parent hears you speak in one of these inappropriate ways, then you will be asked to switch your bracelet. We decided (very quickly) that it would not be a good idea for a child to correct another child. That could very easily get out of hand and defeat the purpose. If you have kids, you know exactly what I'm talking about. We did say, however, that if you are willing to change your own bracelet as well (for having a criticial spirit), you may gladly (and kindly) correct a sibling. The goal is to have a full day without having to change your bracelet. After 21 days of no bracelet changing, you are considered cured. But seeing as the "tongue" is a chronic human condition, I don't know if that will ever happen.

Oops. I guess that was kind of critical. Excuse me while I switch my bracelet.

Now, if you're an adult, you're probably wondering what the reward is for not having to switch your bracelet. Funny, but only adults have asked me that question. The kids are content just being able to say (gloat?) that they have not had to change their bracelet. So don't tell them that life's actions always need rewards.

Over the next month or more, we'll be looking at verses that relate to our thoughts and to our words. We're also working on a kitchen transformation that will help us remember to think and speak kindly. Oh, don't get so excited. Cindy is NOT finally getting a new kitchen. But the whole family is getting a kitchen transformation.

I'll take pictures tomorrow so you can understand it better. Until then, no complaints!

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  1. You are such good parents . I truly admire you both . Hope to see you all soon !!