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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Persuade: coax, convince, get, induce, win over...

The King's Academy is in the midst of persuasive writing. After a wonderful introduction by the likes of I Wanna Iguana by Karen Kaufman Orloff,

Click, Clack, Moo by Betsy Lewin and Randy Travis,

and Earrings by Judith Viorst,

we were off and running.

First, we needed to brainstorm possible topics. But told that any topic chosen will be seriously read and considered for change in our household, the kids were excited to start. You can tell by their list that I'm a really mean mom, can't you?

Possible Topics for Persuasive Piece
I need a BB gun
I should be allowed to own a tarantula
I should be allowed to drink soda whenever I want
This family needs a new little brother
I want a pet rat
I want a pet gerbil
I shouldn't be given consequences for my behavior
I should be allowed to stay up late
I want to make my bed on the floor and not be forced to clean it up
I want to buy Pokemon games
We need another dog
I should be allowed to listen to CDs with the volume turned all the way up
We should be allowed to watch movies without having to read the book first
I want to be allowed to eat an unhealthy breakfast

You'll be happy to know that of the three children working on this assignment, they have each chosen their topic from the list. So, next week, I'll be reading the following essays:

Why I should be allowed to own a tarantula
Why I want a pet rat
This family needs a new little brother

Everyone knows I don't do spiders, and the child wanting the rat isn't the most responsible. That leaves a new little brother up for consideration. Well, I guess I have to give in to one of them, right?


  1. Find the companion to I want an Iguana... I want a new room by Orlaff.

    It's even better!

    1. I saw that on Amazon when I was looking for these pictures. I'll definitely have to see if that's in our library system.

  2. I'd say go with the new little brother, but then how will we ever catch up if you keep adding more kids to your family?! :-)

    - Sam Wilcock

    1. I guess it's a good thing it's not a competition. We'll just keep running our individual races and leave the rest up to God. (But if you'd like to add a tarantula or rat to your clan, more power to you.)

  3. I'm surprised Eden didn't try to persuade you to get her a gerbil. She's going to be a breeder you know? :)