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Friday, May 28, 2010

To decompress or not to decompress

I went to JoAnn Fabrics tonight and Ms. Checker Lady was trying to have a conversation with Boy-in-Love but she was too busy with customers. Boy-in-Love was frustrated by the lack of conversation and complained that usually Ms. Checker Lady was not this busy. She apologized but didn't have an explanation. At that moment Boy-in-Love had an epiphany and noted that of course, people needed their craft supplies for Memorial Day weekend - so they would be able to opt out of picnics and gatherings. He even gave an example, "Oh, I'm sorry, I have to do my quilting." As we walked away John said, "Boy, he sure had you pegged." Maybe he's learned something from this blog.

It was a nice ending to the day since earlier this afternoon I received a second invitation to an up-coming women's event. It's amazing how these events bring friends out of the woodwork; people who claim to know me so well that they know I would love to join them in connecting with other women for several days. To that John said, "See, if more people read your blog they would all know not to invite you to these things." To which I replied, "If the whole world wasn't already reading my blog I could write about this incident and decompress and get it all out of my system and no one would read it. But I'd feel better."

Which is actually what I did. But Mr. Pastor/Counselor edited too much out of it. By then it wasn't worth publishing. So this is all you get. Enjoy your weekend!

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