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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Getting old

I have decided that I am too old for birthdays. I'm not referring to my birthdays, I actually like them. I don't have to prepare anything for my birthday and if things are going well I might even get taken out to eat or someone might buy me some great tasting ice cream or I might even get a gift that isn't an appliance. What I'm referring to here are my kids' birthdays. I think I'm getting too old for them.

My mom had this great idea (you can tell her I said that) - only give the kids a birthday party every 4 years. Saves time and expense, cuts down on more stuff around the house and makes birthdays 4, 8, 12, and 16 seem all that more special. I never felt deprived under this plan so I implemented it with my own children. It worked great, til I had an over-abundance of kids who kept having birthdays while I just kept getting older. I also didn't plan things very well. Two years ago Eden turned 4 (thus needing a full-fledged party) and then one week later Jesse turned 12 (and of course he wanted his promised party as well). This year Mariana turned 12 just two weeks before HopeAnne turns 4. It is most definitely those 4 year old parties that put me over the edge.

Each child is allowed to choose his/her party dessert. The little kids always choose a theme cake. No problem. You name it, I've probably made it. There was the Egyptian pyramid for my history buff, the train for the Thomas fan, a fish for my nature fan and an assortment of bugs and animals just because. HopeAnne chose a pink elephant. We know why it was pink; everything is pink for her. We're not so sure about the elephant part. But you can't just have supper and dessert and then send everyone home so I also decided to make a pink elephant pinata to go with the pink elephant cake. Between the papier mache and the cake I've been elbow-deep in flour all week.

But it was all worth it. HopeAnne had a great time with her little friends. The big kids enjoyed their older siblings and we enjoyed the adult conversation with parents. The rain held off for the evening, well most of it. No one got hurt during the hitting of the pinata (sorry to all you America's Funniest Home Videos fans). The only bad part was the end of the evening when Hope had a meltdown because it was time to go home. You can't win them all.

I guess when the next child enters the King household we'll need to make sure his/her birthdate is not too close to a pre-existing child's birthday.

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  1. WHEN a new child enters the King household... You are a master of the little dig.
    I love you, Dear.