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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Still in shock

Oy vey! What has become of my blog?

Church, as my cousin has so helpfully reminded me, is yet another institution that has been created by extroverts (thanks, Angie). I usually try to be as inconspicuous as possible. Not easy when you're a pastor's wife and said pastor likes to meet new people as often as he takes a breath. I am, believe it or not, part of a Bible Fellowship Group (Sunday School for those not as informed as the Brethren in Christ). I enjoy this when I'm not acting in KidStuf and can usually find a nice seat in the back, by the nearest exit door, in case I should be asked to cluck like a chicken. However, one fateful Sunday, my arrival was enthusiastically announced by one very extroverted person who then decided that I should sit with him and his wife on the far side of the room. Horrors! But, thanks to one memorable incident, I decided to forgive him and continue with the class.

About a month prior to Mr. Loud Mouth's Fellowship Group invitation, I went to class after a rather lengthy absence due to acting, volunteering in preschool ministry and various other motherly duties. I sat down and the woman beside me began to introduce herself and to ask me questions about whether or not I had ever been here before, how often I came, etc. I very quickly realized that she thought I was a new visitor to the church and she was trying to make me feel welcome! I was so excited that there was someone at McBIC who had not yet been introduced to Mrs. John King that I just let her continue. I made sure my answers were vague enough so that she couldn't connect me to my up-front husband but that I also couldn't be accused of lying in the church building. By the way, she should get the McBIC Welcome Committee award because she did an excellent job; very thorough and welcoming! So I keep going back because every time I see her I remember that every now and then I can be anonymous. I hope she wasn't too embarrassed when she finally put it together because she was so sweet and made my day.

As if it typically isn't difficult enough to try to get through the hallways without having to talk to people, now everyone seems to want to talk about blogs, introverts, retreats, chickens and birthdays. As I turned the corner this morning someone stopped me to talk about the blog. Then I continued on my path only to be stopped by someone else, for the same reason. A little farther along someone clucked like a chicken as he passed me (good one, Joe, and I really think you'd be good at the whole pastor/spouse retreat stupid get to know you games thing). Before he could finish his clucking, someone else stopped me. This went on all morning. HELP!

On another note, my brother informed me that he was unaware that I am not, nor have ever been, a card-carrying member of Extroverts of America. After I pulled my jaw back up from the floor I realized that he is to be excused from this oversight. How could someone who enjoyed socializing know that his sister was back at home contentedly reading or sewing - alone? He did, however, send us the link to this great article:


That, my quickly-expanding set of friends, is why he is known as The Smart One and I am not. He reads interesting articles and I write a blog. Thanks - and love you, Chad!

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