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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A brief introduction

Welcome to my blog! I've been threatening this for quite some time, just as I often threaten to go to the Funny Farm. I currently live in The King Zoo, caretaker of 1 husband and 6 children and one guest that makes frequent secretive stops at my house. In order of appearance in my life they are John, Andrew, Jesse, Mariana, Isaac, Eden, and HopeAnne. The mystery guest is named Nobody and even though he is not an official member of the family, I sometimes think he's here more often than anyone else.

Let me give you some examples: Who played with the stacking dolls in the living room and left them all over the floor? Answer: Nobody; Who got the milk out and left it on the kitchen table? Answer: Nobody; Who is supposed to be helping to clean up the supper dishes? Answer (you guessed it): Nobody. Tonight was the last straw. It's Wednesday and everyone knows that I'm supposed to have a free night on Wednesday (it's kind of a thing of the past but I do what I can) and part of my free night ritual is to have ice cream - with all the toppings. However, when I went for the sprinkles tonight, I found an empty container in the cupboard. I didn't check yet but I'm fairly certain that if I start asking around, I'll find that Nobody ate the last of the sprinkles and left the empty container for me to find.

Hence, my visit to the Funny Farm. It is here where I come to relax, scream a little and to hopefully find the energy and motivation to go back to the zoo. Of course, a big bowl of ice cream with cut up Reese's Peanut Butter Cups (minus the sprinkles *sigh*) will help, too.

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