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Sunday, December 13, 2015

Adventures of Mr. Victor

"I am getting in trouble" follows me most everywhere these days.
As he pulls the block over to the sink, "I am getting in trouble." As he "helps" me wash the dishes, "I am getting in trouble." As he pulls the block to the other side, "I am going on the other side to get in trouble." All the better to wash the dishes, maybe?
Light switches are fun. He seems to not care that we need the lights more than he does. While HopeAnne and I are doing school together, all of a sudden the lights will go out. He likes it because he can see his light-up toys better. We, on the other hand, find it very hard to read a book or work on math problems in the pitch black dark of the basement.
Helping himself to some water, minus cup, is still a favorite activity. Thank the Lord for the Lock button.

The "joys" of having sisters?
How many teenage boys does it take to put socks and shoes on the toddler?
And then its bedtime. Ahhhh. Take a breath. Relax.

Until he yells, "Paci," or "Music," or "Covers!"

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