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Monday, December 28, 2015

One more

I forgot to mention the best gift.

Presents had been given, gifts had been unwrapped, but there was one lonely gift bag under the tree. No one claimed it.

Upon closer inspection, we noticed that it said, "To Mom," but the space for the gift giver's name had been left blank.

With fear and trepidation I pulled a box from the gift bag,

and opened it up to find
a mug.

Dear Mom, Thank
you for putting 
up with whiny,
spoiled, sloppy,
ungrateful children
like my siblings
Love always, your favorite

I looked around. I waited for someone to 'fess up to this creative and witty gift.

The kids all looked around at each other. One after another they blamed someone across the room.

I could be wrong but I think Andrew and Mariana were named the most.

This went on for several minutes...

Before I admitted to buying it for myself just to see who they would think had done it.

And it was well worth the effort.

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