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Sunday, December 27, 2015

Family Christmas

Last year each child received a snowman of gifts. This year I decided to switch it up a bit. I put all the gifts together into four big snowmen instead of 8 individual ones. For the last few weeks I've been telling HopeAnne that one was for Andrew,

one for Jesse,

one for Mariana,

and one for Shoun.

I told her that I misjudged the money supply and ran out of money after Shoun so every child younger than that would not be receiving gifts this year. She always looked at me funny after that.

We started with the oldest (opposite of the Secret Santa gift exchange where we started with the youngest - always need to be fair) who got to choose a gift off the pile and then give it to the proper recipient.

How did they know who to give it to, you might ask? Well, there was an initial written on the bottom of the box. However, just in case someone might decide to do a little pre-Christmas peeking, it was not the first initial of that child's name but instead was the third letter of the first name. Pretty tricky, right?

Pizza Pouches so you can carry your pizza
around with you

I love someone with Optic Nerve Hypoplasia to the moon
and back, to infinity and beyond.

The girls asked me to make fleece mermaid tail blankets which I was very
willing to do but then I found an adoption fundraiser selling crocheted
mermaid tails and since I'm a sucker for adoption fundraisers...
HopeAnne's squeal when she opened her gift, and again when Eden opened hers, 
was the best reaction of the day.

And Victor spent the morning playing music on
Daddy's ipad.

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