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Thursday, December 31, 2015

50th anniversary questionnaire

Tomorrow my parents will celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary. Last weekend we had a party to commemorate this special occasion. To get to know my parents, each table had this quiz for guests to fill out:

Question: Why was Glenn angry when they arrived at their honeymoon resort?
Answer: Because Christine immediately spent a ridiculous amount of time emptying the suitcases and placing everything in drawers.

Q: In what month did they get engaged?
A: September 1965

Q: Why did they move up the wedding (and no, she wasn't pregnant at the time)?
A: They had originally planned to get engaged around January 1966 and to get married in June but Glenn's draft notice came up and as a conscientious objector he planned to go into Voluntary Service instead. They wanted to go to Voluntary Service together so they changed the wedding date to January 1, 1966 and went to Peoria, Illinois 2 months later to serve his term.

Q: Who was the maid of honor in their wedding? The best man?
A: Christine's friend, Margaret Zook and Glenn's brother, Wilbur Bauman

Q: In what area of the country did they go for their honeymoon?
A: Poconos, PA

Q: What was the name of their honeymoon place?
A: Birchwood Resort

Q: When did they return to the same location?
A: 1989, taking many of the same photos their photographer took the first time around

Q: What trophy did Glenn win on their honeymoon?
A: Ping Pong (My brother is still trying to wrap his head around this one - honeymooning in groups?)

Q: Where did Glenn and Chris live before going to Voluntary Service in March, 1966?
A: With Glenn's parents, Harvey and Veldora Bauman

Q: Why did Glenn shave off his mustache?
A: He promised Christine if she gave him a son the mustache would go. Chris was never a fan of the mustache because she says it always stuck straight out and because his mother's red hair came out only in his mustache but not in the hair on his head. In 1972 he got that son and the mustache went.

Q: When Chad was 3 or 4 and looking at Glenn and Chris' wedding picture, what did he say to Chris about Glenn?
A: Who is that funny looking man with you, Mommy?

Q: In thousands, how much money had Christine secretly squirreled away for their 50th anniversary trip when Glenn found it during their move this past year?
A: $5000.00

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