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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Pizza delivery

Once upon a time we were making subs to take on a day trip. I sent The Good Doctor to the grocery story for some lunch meats; ham and turkey so everyone would be happy. He came back with just ham which left some people cranky so we sent him back to the store (be thankful it's just down the hill) for some sliced turkey.

He came back with ham again.

I don't remember if we sent him back a third time or if we all just had ham subs that day.

Some things never change....

A few months ago, we were given a wonderful gift of a gift card to Domino's Pizza. I was saving it for a time when the whole family was home and since tonight, Christmas Adam (we used to call it Christmas Eve Eve but as someone intelligently pointed out to us today, Adam came before Eve, it will be forever-more known as Christmas Adam), we are all here, I determined this was to be the day.

The Good Doctor was all set to run some errands so I gave him the gift card which was very clearly marked with the Domino's logo. Keep in mind that I have been reminding him of our Christmas Adam plans for a few weeks, mentioning the names of our philanthropists and the wonderful dinner destination to which he'd be traveling. Daily. Because his short-term memory has been damaged by 8 children and no longer works as it should. Unfortunately, it was malfunctioning even before that.  Anyway, before he left, he tried to order on-line but for some reason, the code on the gift card wasn't working. He called the local store but they also could not get the card to work. So he called corporate headquarters but she couldn't get it to work and had to check with someone else who also couldn't get it to work. He gave up and decided that we would just have to pay for our meal after all.

And on the way to Papa John's he realized his mistake.

Looks like we'll try Domino's for New Year's Eve.

Unless The Good Doctor decides to try our gift card out at Little Caesar's instead.

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