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Monday, June 22, 2015

This is how we beach

This one used to be afraid of the water and spent her days in the sand. This year she not only ventured into the water but decided to try a bit more as well. Every now and then she'd come out crying from an especially vicious wave but she went right back in.

This one reminds me of myself at that age; she's always in the water.

Disclaimer: This one was told that since it was Father's Day, he could turn on the TV, open up his laptop and fall asleep. He politely declined and decided to join us on the beach where he could still enjoy one of his three suggested gifts.

These two who are often together, also spent much of their beach time together. 

Except that Mr. Victor wasn't much of a fan this year. So when you struggle with sensory issues, this is how you spend your time in the water.

So this is how he solved that problem: He procured Isaac's chair and rented his own private pool. 

No need to order drinks delivered poolside when you prefer the taste of salt water.

And this one used to spend all of his time in the water. I'm not sure if he's feeling the loss of older brother who is his motivation for play or if it's just feeling too cool in the new shades he purchased. Either way, this year he just chills in his beach chair.

And me? I take pictures.

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