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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

The 2nd graduate

Last night we found ourselves once again sitting through a long list of name reading.

HopeAnne, who we didn't take to Andrew's graduation 2 years ago figuring it was a bit much for a 7 year old, was more than slightly concerned when she was ready to go home but the principal was only to the last names beginning with G. She informed me that she is never, ever going to sit through another one of those things again. She said I can't make her. She said she'd prefer to be forced to stay home and go to bed. She said she'd rather watch Victor at home. She's still saying it.

Sorry, dear, as #7 of 8, I think you will be hard-pressed to come up with a worthy excuse for why you will miss the next four family graduations, at least. And just think, you get to do this again in about 365 days. You might as well start counting down now.

This one was a nail-biter but I did finish Jesse's jean quilt just in the nick of time.

I think it would be in my best interests to start Mariana's tomorrow. Or maybe today. Maybe I should have started yesterday.

Let's not worry about that now. Today, with a graduation party tonight, has enough worries of its own.

It was fun to hear Jesse and fellow cellist, Allison, play Welcome to the Jungle one more time. And the flying tassels certainly added to the performance. They had way too much fun with this and it showed; they received a standing ovation.

For those who have been wondering, Jesse is headed to Eastern University in eastern PA in the fall. He will be studying middle education with an emphasis in math and science. The education he gets from me, the math from The Good Doctor who started out as a math major himself. The science? We have no idea.

Til next year...

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