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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

The tide is turning

Four days into our beach stay and the tide might be turning.

It started on Day 3. Isaac took Victor to the edge of the waves, Victor in water shoes this time. He sat down with Victor in his lap and allowed the waves to just lap at their feet. While Victor continued to be cautious, putting his feet up on Isaac's legs as often as Isaac would let him, he did manage some smiles and laughs. Every now and then a bigger wave would come and Isaac would warn Victor of a big one. If it fizzled, Isaac said, "Oh, false alarm."

Yesterday, as soon as Victor and The Good Doctor joined us on the beach and Victor heard Isaac's voice he asked, "More false alarm?" I had to translate for Isaac, "I think he wants to go into the water with you."

And that was it.

He ran in and out of the waves, getting mad at us each time we touched him, trying to shield him from the bigger waves. He also yelled at waves that came up too high on his body. Knees only, seems to be his mantra.

This time around, it was Eden who scored a private swimming hole. Two lifeguards for one child isn't a bad deal.

And maybe it's something in the air, but these two can rarely be found in the same 12 foot radius without fighting, but here they are, working together.

The result? The perfect spot for a cool dude to sit and chat on his (I use that word very loosely) phone. I did put an end to the phone conversation quite quickly (we did not come to the beach to call friends at home, or to work, ahem, Good Doctor) but it doubled as a good reading spot.

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