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Sunday, June 7, 2015

Another reader in the family

As an avid reader, I love it when another one of my children catches the reading bug for him or herself. With Victor, I didn't know how and when he would develop a love for books, or if he ever would. We've tried to surround him with books; books that make noise, books that have tactile experiences on the pages, and books in Braille. We read to him often. We've even started to make book boxes where we take a story and fill a box with items that relate to the story. As we read we give him each item to hold.

I didn't need to worry. Victor loves books and often asks for "more book". And just like a sighted child, he has started to memorize books that have been read to him. His current favorite? Pinkalicious. Can you tell that his 9 year old sister reads to him, too?  It goes something like this:

Babble Babble Babble Babble Babble Babble Cupcake? Turn page. Babble Babble Babble Babble Babble Babble PINK! Turn page...

It's not what it looks like; he's not trying to get away, this is how they were reading together.

He often goes into his room to sit on his chair and read books. He also empties all the books from the shelf to the floor but it's a trade-off I'm willing to make.

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