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Sunday, June 14, 2015


Given free time, as in say, 2 hours during nap time, I figure I have three choices: 1. I can do those things that I have to do 2. I can read or 3. I can sew

There are days when I make the adult choice and I find something to clean or cook or bake or fix or whatever. Some days, however, I just have to make the self-preserving choice and do something for myself.

This school year's nap time project was, of course, Jesse's Jean/T-shirt quilt. The kids know it's coming and express their displeasure at having to wait til their senior year in high school. Until then, they fight over John's which was a gift from his sister back before we were a Mr. and Mrs. Let's just say that one is very loved. I'm pretty certain Jesse saw his jean quilt a time or two in process as there just aren't many hiding places in this house that aren't already occupied by a human being or his/her stuff. Eden and HopeAnne even helped to create a few of the squares adding a new dimension. And since I inherited my mom's quilting rack, we were able to knot this quilt the real way. It's certainly less back-breaking than leaning over the quilt on the floor. It's a lot of work but always a fun project to relive the memories and to see it all come together.

And then I was on a roll.

An apron by request. Have fun baking, guys!

Three doll quilts and pillows.

Two pillows for a college dorm room.

And with a baby shower on the horizon, I decided to try out some bibs I saw on etsy. It might have gotten a little out of hand but those monster bibs were just too much fun. I finally had to stop because I ran out of interfacing. And the jean bibs, well, I do have a lot of jeans. The woman from whom I got the idea said she made them out of her maternity jeans but since The Good Doctor made me get rid of mine a long time ago, I had to dig into one of my bins of jeans. But if anyone is interested, it did sound like a cute idea to repurpose those maternity jeans into bibs for the baby. And I only made one of those bowtie bibs because I could only find one shirt ready for repurposing but it's just so cute I might have to steal some more shirts out of someone's closet.

I think I'm finally really cleaning out those sewing shelves and bins. Now I either need to find someone who will let me share a table at a craft fair or I need to reactivate my etsy account or I'm soon going to have to start cleaning out the finished projects cabinet.

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