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Sunday, March 29, 2015

Guaranteed your kids will hate it

My dad will eat anything.

Well, almost anything.

He's not a fan of yogurt. And he absolutely does NOT like liver.

My mom loves liver.

Every now and then when we were growing up she would decide it was time to indulge herself and we had no choice but to join her.

To her credit, she did try to make it more palatable. She even resorted to little white lies on occasion.

There was the memorable day when I came down from the second floor, and that distinctive liver aroma was already wafting up from the kitchen. With fear and trepidation, I asked my mother what we were having for dinner (if I had known how many times I would be asked that question in my own stint as mother, I never, ever would have put her through that horror, but it would be years because I would  understand). With a smile on her face, she simply said that it was like steak.

Steak? So I had been wrong. It wasn't liver after all. I wasn't much of a fan of steak either but Oh, glorious day, we were NOT having liver!

Until 5:00 came around and she placed that piece of meat in front of me and I just knew; that was NOT steak.

Apparently my mom had tried a new recipe, Guaranteed Your Kids Will Love Liver.

I hope she got her money back.

I've tried to explain to my children that they should be singing my praises because I have never, and I will never, try to serve them that disgusting stuff. But no, they don't believe me. Instead, they have decided that egg casserole is the most disgusting food on earth.

But what's a mom to do with an overabundance of bread crusts in the freezer? Egg casserole, of course.

So today I tried a new recipe, Guaranteed Your Kids Will Hate Egg Casserole, Just Add Veggies and You'll Seal the Deal.

I tried to make it more palatable with the promise of whoopie pies for those who could choke it down without vomiting.

Well, with all these left-over, uneaten whoopie pies, I guess I'll have to have another. Don't mind if I do.

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