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Sunday, April 12, 2015

What if?

I had the privilege of speaking at our church's womens' retreat this weekend. The theme for the weekend was Called and Connected, two topics which I am passionate about. I could say the best part about the retreat was being accidentally introduced as Pastor Cindy. Anyone who knows me would know how hilarious I find that. In actuality, for me, the best part was the variety of ways provided for people to connect with God.

The other speaker and I are complete opposites. She's an extrovert; I'm an introvert. She functions out of passion; I function out of discipline. I need a timeline and rules; she refused to put ending times to our sessions. Sessions weren't just speakers, there was worship and a reading, solos sung over us, and a prophetic painter to watch. And if you aren't an auditory learner and have a difficult time sitting and connecting to a speaker (like me), you could find a table for journeling or an art table (perfect for my artsy daughter).

I ended my last session with this list of What Ifs and was asked to share it so here it is for the other visual learners.

What If?
By Cindy King
(Written based on Scripture, some of my favorite quotes by leaders in church history, and a godtube video on discipling)

What if we were so connected to our First Love that we could see every experience, every circumstance, every step of our journey, as part of a perfect preparation for a future that only God could orchestrate? What if we saw our pasts as the back story necessary for the character development and transformation needed to make us more like the Christ we say we follow?

What if we saw ourselves exactly as God sees us? Not more than we are and certainly not less than He made us to be? Wouldn’t our lives shine with God’s glory? And wouldn’t that give others permission to do the same?

What if we stopped asking God to change others but instead asked Him to change us so that with His spirit flowing through us, others will be changed.

What if God’s people returned to the mission Jesus so beautifully modeled for us, to disciple believers and to care for the least of these?

What if when we heard God asking, “Whom shall I send?” our response was an immediate, “Here am I. Send me”?

What if we truly followed Jesus’ directive to “Go”?

And what if “Go” looked less like Christians flocking into their comfortable, entertaining homes and churches, and more like His people moving out into the world, spreading joy, and hope, and love?

What if we were less concerned about the buildings we live, and work, and worship in and more concerned for the lost? Might it mean less stress, expenses and debt for us as well as meeting the needs of those who have no hope?

What if we kept our treasures where they were meant to be, in Heaven rather than on earth?

Would we also be more free to experience His love and in turn to lead, to liberate, to launch, and to share the love of God?

What if we were less focused on making money but more focused on making disciples and improving the lives of others?

What if we remembered that in Heaven it’s not going to matter what we accumulated here on Earth or even how many good things we did while here, but what will matter is whose life we mirrored, and if we loved like He loved?

What if we remembered that we weren’t called to the healthy or the easy or the sinless but that we were called to care for the sick, the marginalized, the ones who may not respond as we’d hoped, or who might continue to fail again and again?

What if we remembered that Christ was willing to give up His life for us and for every single person we encountered? Would we be more willing to give up our time, energy, money, ego, or reputation?

What if we simply looked at the hurting people around us and loved them?

Like Peter did.
Like Paul did.
Like Mother Teresa did.
Like Corrie ten Boom did.

Like Jesus did.

It won’t be easy, but He commands us to go and He promises it will be worth it.

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