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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Flying high

There is a video that keeps replaying in my mind. In this video I see Peter Pan appear for the first time, leaping over the nursery windowsill with ease, flying onto the stage. What comes through even larger in that internally repeating frame is the joy radiating from Peter Pan because this isn't just another musical. This isn't just the opportunity of a lifetime. This isn't the result of some lucky break.

This is a calling. And when people live out their calling, others can't help but notice.

There is talent, yes, but there is also joy.

There's no need to put others down. There's no need to wish poorly on others. There's no need to brag or puff oneself up. There's no need to compare or to try to be like someone else.

In fact, when truly living out of one's calling, you will live in the opposite spirit. You will be known as one who lifts others up, who encourages, and who shines a light that others can't help but notice.

So as I enjoyed watching Mariana live her dream in Peter Pan, and I listened to the many people who came to tell me how amazing she was, it was what most of them said next that made my heart burst with pride. Mothers and students and teachers all telling me that while Mariana's talent got her this role, her spirit, humility, and encouragement of others is what truly stands out.

Yes, she was Peter Pan but she could have been the dog (as two peers suggested she should be) and she still would have been the first to encourage, the first to inspire, and the first to shine.

That is knowing who you belong to, who calls you Beloved, and what He made you to be.

Congratulations, Mariana! The day will come again when you find yourself in the ensemble or in a role you didn't desire, whether because of politics or talent but I am confident that you will always be known more for the light you shine than the one shining on you.

And that makes me prouder than you can imagine.

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