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Friday, March 13, 2015

I have a 20 year old. Did I just say that?

20 years ago today, God chose to give me a son.

We didn't have Facebook so everyone could tell me how they were parenting, thus giving me ridiculous standards to live up to.

We didn't have blogs like 21 Ways to Make Sure Your Child Makes It to Age 20 or 16 Things Not to Say to the Mother of Boys or You'll Send Them Over the Edge or even The Best 11 Books You Must Read to Your Son or You'll Ruin Him for Life.

We didn't have Instagram or Twitter to immediately post all of his many accomplishments (Andrew, aren't you glad there aren't any pics out there somewhere in Facebook land of you sitting on the potty for the first time, or even of your descent into this world?).

But somehow we made it here anyway. Imagine!

Thank you for your willingness to volunteer as first born, guinea pig, and family prototype.

Wait a minute, you didn't really agree to all of that, did you?

Well, regardless of how you feel about it, God clearly called you to the role and knew that you were perfect for the job. You set the standard high for those following you. Your compliance and desire to please paved the way for others to come into our home. You have led by example in a quiet and unassuming way that is noticed more than you know.

And then you grew up and moved away and that was part of God's plan, too. It was time to figure out who you were in a place where you were no longer the pastor's kid, the oldest of the King clan, or a member of The King's Strings. You could have chosen to be anyone but you chose well - you chose to be you. The you God made you to be. The not-perfect but godly young man who leads well, who has a creative and professional eye for media, who feels deeply and who sets an example for many.

And it sure was nice of you to choose a college that sends you home for your birthday! See you soon.

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  1. Great tribute! I love your references to the Internet and social media. I kinda fear that as a future mother...