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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

White Cane Day

As if all those October birthdays aren't enough reason to keep us celebrating, I just learned that today is White Cane Day.

That probably means nothing to you, and 2 years ago, it wouldn't have meant much to me, either. But now it does. And because it means something to me, I'm asking that it mean something to you, too. Especially if you have kids.
Victor's first cane arrived in February

Kids can be really mean. Even if there is nothing obviously out of the ordinary "wrong" with you, kids (and some extremely rude and disrespectful adults whose mothers never taught them to be kind and compassionate) will find a reason to ridicule and reject. But we can do something about this. We can teach our children that every person is fearfully and wonderfully made. We can remind them that when they see someone who looks or acts differently in a certain way, they should respond with kindness and respect.
Victor loves pushing this can around - pre-mobility training

So, parents, please, take advantage of White Cane Day. If you don't know what to say, this post will help. Show your children pictures of children and adults using a white cane. Tell your children why. Talk about independence and how everyone strives for it.

For Victor's sake.

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