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Friday, October 31, 2014

Creating costumes

Most years my mom would make my Halloween costume. Sometimes it coordinated with my brother's costume, like the year we were Raggedy Ann and Raggedy Andy. I bet some of you don't even know who they are anymore.

For a few years I continued this tradition, making the costumes for my children. And then I realized that it was a whole lot cheaper to buy second-hand costumes than it was to buy the fabric and pattern and accessories to make our own.

This year, however, Eden made her own costume. When she showed me a picture of a milk and cookies costume and told me that is what she wanted, I told her there was no reason she couldn't make it. While it could have been glued together, it seemed to me like the perfect project for a beginner sewer. None of the seams had to be straight so it wouldn't matter if she had a little goof.

I think she did great!

We also had a little monkey complete with banana, a kitty cat who couldn't leave the house without her pink sneakers and the chaperone who decided to roam the neighborhood as two slices of bacon.

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