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Thursday, October 30, 2014

I know it's my birthday when...

...everyone gathers bright and early and stares at me at the breakfast table

...my kitchen is replenished, most of which I placed on my wish list myself

...my sons look guilty because they didn't make the obligatory card their father reminded them to make last night

...the under-the-bed bin of wrapping paper and gift bags is out and its contents are strewn all over the floor

...my college son calls me

...The Good Doctor finds it necessary to write a Facebook post about me and this day

...I don't have to do any work thanks to a lovely rule my children made up a few years ago so that they would have one day a year work free.

...The laundry, dishes, toys, junk, and dust pile up around me due to the lovely rule my children made a few years ago so that they would have one day a year work free. Unfortunately, they also seem to think they get a free pass on my birthday.

...I have extra work the next day because of that lovely rule... you get where this is going...

...I feel very loved

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