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Sunday, June 1, 2014

She's 8!

Our fast, smiling, emotional, charismatic, wisp of a beanpole was born 8 years ago today. We weren't there but...

...also on this date 8 years ago, we received the paperwork officially recognizing our home as a foster home.

And on June 6, we received the call that began with these words, "Would you consider a 5 day old Caucasian baby girl being discharged from the hospital today?" The older kids were all crowded around me and of course we said yes! And then we had to call the Good Doctor and break the news to him.

A few hours later we were in the NICU picking up this beautiful tiny baby girl. She wasn't Caucasian but we didn't care and the hospital never asked to see our ID which made us a little concerned that we might have the wrong baby and someone would come after us as we left the NICU with our newest bundle of joy.

Who knew that 8 years later she'd be a super-fast runner? Who knew that she'd like gymnastics and dancing? Who knew she'd be so full of joy, laughter, and smiles?

Who knew that all she'd want for that 8th birthday would be SOKS LiK edeN (Translation: Those free footies Eden had just brought home from trying on shoes) and disposable gloves (like the kind that were recently used for an art project)?

Oh, and roller skates and binoculars, too.

HopeAnne Aundrea King, we love you and we know that God has great plans for you. We can't wait to see how He is going to use you with the gifts He has given you!

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