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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Kingwold vacation, part 5

Family was the reason for this trip and family was what made it special.

Shoun was a good sport and agreed to pose with the girls before boarding. Poor Guy! The travel agent must have thought his name was that of a female so put him in my cabin. Of course we could switch things up when we got to the room but to register, he had to follow the line of estrogen.

Cousins, picking up right where they left off and siblings having a great time together.

Respect for elders - Jesse made sure I could eat breakfast without getting wet during a sudden rain storm and Isaac escorted MomMom for ice cream.

They love their PopPop and MomMom!

And so now I say to my parents what John's dad always said to his grandmother, "Look what you've started!"

Thank you, PopPop and MomMom!

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  1. "Just look at what we started..." - the same thing my grandfather used to say whenever he looked at the picture of 30-some Immels that we took at my brother's wedding (five years ago this past weekend actually).....