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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Kingwold vacation, part 6

The Good Doctor asked the kids to name their favorite part(s) of vacation. Various answers were given but then I said that for me, I enjoyed the meals, not just for the amazing food but to get to know our servers so well of the 4 days. The Good Doctor said that was his answer as well.

Each dinner we were greeted by Gennaro and Jonathan, from Italy and the Philippines respectively. Yes, Disney does everything well but Gennaro and Jonathan went above and beyond. They joked with us, interacted over brain teasers, asked about our lives, and shared some of theirs. What a privilege to commit to praying for each of them and their families.  We are blessed because we were able to share a small part of life's journey with them.

And we won't talk about how much weight we gained on this cruise.

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