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Saturday, May 31, 2014

Colorful runners

The girl loves to run. Now that she's run the Healthy Kids Running Series 1/4 mile several times over,

and a 1 mile race,

and a 5K Color Run, she has decided she prefers longer distances.

While HopeAnne has had great success in her running so far, she has two older siblings who shall remain nameless but who haven't had such a successful career.

Once upon a time, two brothers decided to buy green men suits. They had a lot of fun with those suits. Who wouldn't enjoy going places undercover with full length green spandex suits? Many of their exploits cannot be written on these pages because they don't want their cover blown. But one story stands out among all the rest and deserves to be told here and now.

The brothers got the great idea to enter a 5K race. This wasn't just any race, it was in  the mountains, in the dark. In their green spandex which of course goes from head to toe. To make certain they knew where they were going, they took flashlights and a friend with a flashlight.

We all forgot to consider the fact that two minors running a race would need a parent's signature. Never fear. These minor racers were undercover so they just said they were over 18. They decided to sign in as brothers but with assumed names. The only problem was that they didn't confer ahead of time on the spelling of the last name and one of the brothers is not the world's greatest speller. This resulted in the "brothers" signing in as Kevin Burton and Jay Burten.  Oops Number 1.

They ran the race with their friend in the lead, calling out obstacles along the way. Tree stump right. Hole left. All went well and the end was in sight. Their friend, an avid runner, wanted to finish the race with some semblance of an acceptable time so they told him they'd be fine, he should just run ahead. They could see the finish through the green masks and thought all would be well.  Oops Number 2.

With their friend rushing off to the finish, and the two green brothers holding hands for safety, the naive but cocky younger brother decided to try to beat the older and mature other brother and he took off at full speed. All of a sudden he found himself flat on his back. He yelled at his brother, thinking he must have stuck an arm or leg out to trip him. Not so. In actuality this over 18 year old Burten/Burton brother had just run headfirst into a tree, signed in with a false name, and no parental emergency contact number.  Oops Number 3.

With a hurt pride and a very bruised face, the two brothers limped to the finish, never attempting a masked night time 5K again.

HopeAnne, the moral of the story is ... Never run races with green brothers.

Multi colors are fine.

The End.

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