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Saturday, June 21, 2014

Kingwold vacation, part 2

I told the kids that today's post was going to be about Victor's first vacation and Jesse was a bit disappointed that it wasn't going to be all about him. So, I posed the question: What did you do on vacation that was special and memorable? Were you exceptionally cute in any way? Did you learn a new skill? He couldn't think of anything so he loses and Victor wins the coveted Part 2 spot.

We learned two very important things about Victor on this trip. The first thing we learned is that he doesn't sleep on vacation. Each traveling day was anywhere from 6 - 14 hours on the road. No matter the length or times of day that we were traveling, he never napped more than 1 hour. And this from my excellent sleeper who usually naps a total of 3 - 4 hours. However, he remained his usual happy self, no matter the hours awake. And then at night, we'd put him to bed, thinking that he'd fall asleep immediately and sleep for a longer than normal amount of time. Wrong again. He'd stand up, scream (happy screams), sit down, roll around, stand up, you get the picture. Being perpetually exhausted meant that at times he'd just conk out wherever he was or as soon as someone snuggled with him, only to jerk to attention within a short amount of time.

Sleeping during Can Jam
Supposed to be sleeping in the tent at night.
Snuggling with Isaac
Siesta in the Bahamas

The second thing we learned about Mr. Victor during this trip is that he absolutely loves the water! This makes this beach lovin' Mama very happy. Ocean, pool, baby water play area, he doesn't care. He splashed and screamed to his heart's content and only stopped when picked up at which point he immediately put his head down and cuddled, exhausted.

Testing the water for the first time
He loves it!
Entertaining his brothers
Entertaining his sisters and cousin
Pure joy!

Swimming in the Bahamas

Don't worry, Little Buddy, we'll be back at the beach soon enough!

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  1. Awwwdorable! Such a Blessing! Thanks for sharing! ♥